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Quantum Tablets

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Monthly all wormer plus flea control tablets for cats.


RECOMMENDED USE: Use Quantum tablets to provide protection from
roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, heartworm and fleas in one simple dose.
Safe for use in kittens (over 6 weeks of age) and pregnant/lactating queens.

KEY FEATURES: Safe for use in kittens (over 6 weeks of age) and pregnant/
lactating queens.

DIRECTIONS: Select the appropriate product for your cat’s weight range and give
1 tablet by mouth, on an empty stomach.
Treat ADULTS every 28–30 days (monthly), treat KITTENS at 6, 8, 12 weeks; then
monthly, treat PREGNANT/LACTATING QUEENS prior to mating, 10 days before
kittening and 2–4 weeks after kittening.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PER TABLET: Small: 120mg Lufenuron, 80mg Pyrantel
pamoate, 20mg Praziquantel and 104μg Ivermectin, Large: 240mg Lufenuron,
160mg Pyrantel pamoate, 40mg Praziquantel and 208μg Ivermectin.

WEIGHT RANGES: Up to 8.8lb (4kg) for small size and over 8.8lb (4kg) for
large size.